About the company

The Company

It all started at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, 15 years ago. Two friends, both writers, started a theater company. They had both fallen in with theater kids in college, and were inspired by the collaborative approaches to creating work being pioneered by groups like SITI Company and Theater De La Jeune Lune. What would happen if you took the writer out of the coffee shop, and put them in the rehearsal room? They raised a few hundred dollars, submitted an application and decided to find out.

Ten years later, it wasn’t just two writers any more. Nimbus had become a company of artists that had a unique process for creating playwright-led devised work, with a reputation for taking chances on smart, challenging material. They had become we. We had grown slowly, incrementally, smartly. And we felt we were ready for our own home.

We found an old warehouse on Central Ave NE, and turned it into a theater.  It took thousands of hours of volunteer labor, savvy and smart use of resources, donations from countless supporters, and a fair amount of luck. We built the theater that we wanted to perform in, but what it became was so much more- it became a home for independent theater and a valued part of the NE Arts scene.

Now, five years later, we are ready for the next step in our development. Something several years in the making. Something that’s been known as by a codeword, kept secret as it grew. Something called 3.0.

Now you are a part of the discussion. Let’s build the future of Twin Cities independent theater together.

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