Our Vision

The Gantry Crane

This time, it’s more than a theater

We want to build a home for new collaboratively created theater in the Twin Cities. A place where the artists in our community go to build work for our community and beyond. A place where theater lovers can go to see the best work created here, by local artists, for them. A place of learning, helping, sharing.

For artists, we will be offering more: access to shop space and facilities, training, ticketing and other administrative services. The current theater landscape isn’t built for creating new devised and ensemble work: it is built for staging existing scripts. We want to give the artists in our community access to the resources that they need to create the best possible work. Because we think the talent in this community deserves it.

For patrons, we will be offering more: a real wine, beer, and coffee bar, more spacious lobby, unified ticketing, even more programming and events, and access to more work in progress. We want to create a go-to destination for the best local theater that is comfortable, inviting, and inclusive.

This time, it’s bigger.

7000 square feet, almost twice the size of our last space. 30’ ceilings, nearly twice our last space. More lobby. More performance space. Our lease span is longer, with opportunity for expansion and growth.

This time, we need your help.

We can’t do this without you. Please consider a financial contribution. Any amount can help. We need to buy signage, hire contractors, pay city fees. We will be smart about how we spend your contribution, and promise that any amount will go a long way.

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