conspire :: script submissions

The Short Story: We don't accept script productions. We aren't that sort of theater. Sorry, and good luck finding producing companies elsewhere!

The Long(er) Story: We are a theater company founded and run by playwrights. However, we aren't like a traditional theater company who selects a group of work to present for a season, and then hires artists to create that work. We focus on the creation of new work in a collaboritive envirnment. Call it devised theater, ensemble-created, or workshopped, we believe that the best way to create a piece of work involving a group of artists is to value them all as collaborators and creators, to involve them in the creation of the story.

All of our work is artist-driven. What that means, is that someone has an idea about a story they want to tell, and we all try to work to make that story come to life. Much of the time, this means a playwright and a director (who are often the same person) work with a group of actors and designers to take the beginnings of a story and make it into a work that we present upon our stage. There is often a script, or the beginnings of one, at the beginning, but that script is rarely the same at the end.

If you are a playwright, a director, a dreamer, a story teller who values collaboration and wants to explore our ways of creating, we would love to hear from you. We have a series of works-in-progress that we present called The Eye Opener Workshops that are an excellent place to start, or simply feel free to reach out to us via email. Or come to a show and introduce yourself to someone in a nimbus shirt. We're always interested in meeting fellow artists who are interested in collaborative ways of creation.