Alyssa Thompson

Company Position: 
Company Stage Manager

Alyssa Thompson is nimbus' Company Stage Manger, and is grateful to have found a company where she gets to be part of creating new, exciting original work. She has been working as a stage manager around the Twin Cities for the past five years. She spends her days marketing travel to Scandinavia, Africa, and (her favorite) Antarctica. Her favorite stage management credits include Ludlow, The Kalevala, and Storms of November, with nimbus and Pioneer Suite and Mrs. Charles with Freshwater Theatre.

nimbus production history: 
Happy Birthday, Wanda June Stage Manager
Redemption Stage Manager
In the Age of Paint and Bone Stage Manager
The Kalevala Stage Manager
Nacirema: Stories of Color Stage Manager
The River Becomes Sea Stage Manager
The Storms of November Production Stage Manager
The Lower Depths Stage Manager
Ludlow Stage Manager
From Darkness Stage Manager