Brian Hesser

Company Position: 
Technical Director

Brian serves as Technical Director for nimbus and is native to the Southside of Minneapolis. He received a B.A. in Theater Arts from Augsburg College. For the past decade he has worked  for a plethora of small (and occasionally large) professional theater companies and educational institutions, as an actor, director, fight choreographer, scenic designer, TD, painter, carpenter, and volunteer.

nimbus production history: 
The Balcony Arthur
The Balcony The Executioner
Agamemnon Orestes
Bohemian Flats Scenic Design
Orestes Set Crew
The Lower Depths Bub
The Trial of Mother Teresa Technical Director
Strike-Slip Technical Director
The Balcony Tech Director
Babel Technical Director
Orestes Orestes
Bohemian Flats Technical Director
The Trial of Mother Teresa Set Designer
Strike-Slip Set Design
The Balcony Fight Captain
Woyzeck Director
Agamemnon Set Crew
Bohemian Flats Ensemble
Henry IV Ordulf
In the Age of Paint and Bone Set Designer
Strike-Slip Fight Choreographer