Brian O'Neal


Brian O'Neal is working for the eleventh time with nimbus, most recently as an ensemble member for The Storms of November. He is a company member with Upright Egg Theater Co. dating back to 2005, where he has been an actor, director, movement coach, designer, and producer. Brian has also been seen in numerous Twin Cities area productions since 2000, including work with Theatre Mu, Theatre Pro Rata, Theatre in the Round, and others.


nimbus production history: 
The Firebugs Willy Ironbar
Tesla Ensemble
You Burn Me Clarence
In the Age of Paint and Bone Ensemble
The Golden Ass Ensemble
Ludlow Lamont Bowers, George Belcher
Propaganda for the Converted Control Chorus
The Lower Depths Andrei Dmitrich Klestch
The Mail Order Bride Vladimir
The Storms of November Dylan Reed
Propaganda for the Converted Agitators
Tesla Text Team
The Mail Order Bride Cleante
The Storms of November Bosun