Heidi Berg

Heidi Berg is thrilled to return to the nimbus stage. Previous appearances with nimbus include: The Balcony, The Trial of Mother Teresa and Madmen and Specialists. She has also been seen around town with Walking Shadow Theatre Company in An Ideal Husband; Pangea World Theater in Zafira: The Olive Oil Warrior, Curiosities and Conference of the Birds; Red Eye Theater in 2011 Works in Progress: Monkey's Fist; Theater Unbound and Green T Productions in Medea: A Noh Cycle; Illusion Theater in Cirque de Guerre; Live Action Set in The Piano Tuner; Minneapolis Musical Theater in Weird Romance and Violet; Theater in the Round in Book of Days, Man for All Seasons, and Work of Water (and next: The Hollow). And because Liz doesn't like it I just have to say thanks to G2, O, ALFMPC and FB for all that I am is because of you, and to Mar'in, J. O. P!, the girls and my Verbs for friendship which goes beyond expectation constantly.

nimbus production history: 
The Balcony Irma
From Darkness Betty Parsons
The Golden Ass Ensemble
The Storms of November Marianne Carter
From Darkness Katarina Dempsey
The Balcony Irma
The Storms of November Coast Guard
Tesla Ensemble
The Trial of Mother Teresa Cardinal 1
Madmen and Specialists Si Bero
Happy Birthday, Wanda June Mildred
The Kalevala Ilmarinen