Jesse Corder

Jesse Corder has been performing around the TC theater scene for seven years. You may have seen, or more likely heard, him in such nimbus shows as Woyzeck and The Balcony. He has also been know to cause trouble for The 612 (Rogues Gallery Arts), Waiting for Godot (Theatre Pro Rata), Troilus and Cressida (Cromulent Shakespeare Co), Couch Aliens vs The False World (Rogues Gallery Arts), and Lion In Winter (Britches XXL). And to fulfill his geek requirements for this show, he not only read the book but read it in Elizabethan English. Ladies.

nimbus production history: 
The Trial of Mother Teresa Set Crew
The Golden Ass Ensemble
The Balcony The Slave
Tesla Text Team
Babel Set Crew
The Balcony Photographers
Tesla Ensemble
Woyzeck Ensemble
The Balcony Armand
Bohemian Flats Set Crew
Woyzeck Horse