Josh Cragun

Company Position: 
co-Artistic Director

Josh Cragun is a writer who fell into the company of theater artists at a young and impressionable age, and fortunately, has never been quite the same. This led to a series of questionable decisions, one of which took place in 2001 when he formed nimbus with a fellow writer known as Cockroach. He has been creating new theater with the company ever since. In that time he has written ten original works of theater for the company. His producton of Tesla was the company's best selling show ever, and his adaptation of The Lower Depths was named selected by Minnesota Playlist critic Sophie Kerman as her favorite of that year. In addition he has written and directed, as well as designed video, costumes, properties and sets for the company over the years. In one way or another, he has contributed to 33 of the company's productions. 

nimbus production history: 
Death and the Maiden Crew
The Balcony Director
Babel Director
From Darkness Director
Endgame Director
The Kalevala Director
Minnehaha Avenue Scenic Designer
Orestes Set Design
The Trial of Mother Teresa Set Crew
Perilous Night Set Designer
A Five Step Guide to Happiness Scenic Designer
The Storms of November Written by
Unemployable Properties Designer
Ludlow Written By
You Burn Me Director
The Irresistible Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Director
The Balcony Director
Ghost Sonata Video Design
Cafe Delphi Director
Madmen and Specialists Scenic Design
The Firebugs Director
Agamemnon Set Design
Henry IV Set Design
Ashes to Ashes Scenic Designer
Tesla Director
Third and Long Director
Unemployable Costume Designer
Redemption Written by
Propaganda for the Converted Scenic Designer
TV Men Director
Strike-Slip Video Design
Nacirema: Stories of Color Scenic Design
The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Scenic Designer
Madmen and Specialists Director
Beautiful Things Scenic Designer
The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? Set Crew
Henry IV Director
Ashes to Ashes Director
Happy Birthday, Wanda June Director
A Five Step Guide to Happiness Director
Endgame Scenic Designer
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Scenic Design
Propaganda for the Converted Director
The Mail Order Bride Directory
Strike-Slip Director
The Lower Depths Director
The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Director
Unemployable Costume Design
Beautiful Things Director
The River Becomes Sea Written by
You Burn Me Set Design