Liz Neerland

Company Position: 
co-Artistic Director

Liz is a native of Minneapolis and a graduate of Grinnell College. She discovered this little company Josh and Cockroach had started back in 2002, and hasn't left since. Liz has had a hand in writing, directing, designing, or producing pretty much every nimbus show since then. She also helped spearhead nimbus' new space project, and oversaw the conversion of a big empty room into the theater you are sitting in right now.

nimbus production history: 
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The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Board Operator
Cafe Delphi Costume Design
You Burn Me Costume Design
Madmen and Specialists Costume Design
Orestes Director
The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? Director
Bohemian Flats Director
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Director
The Storms of November Director
Death and the Maiden Director
Agamemnon Director
Perilous Night Director
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Director
Minnehaha Avenue Director
The Golden Ass Director
Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen Director
The Trial of Mother Teresa Director
The Firebugs Light and Sound BO
Propaganda for the Converted Light Board Operator
Madmen and Specialists Light Board Operator
You Burn Me Light Design
TV Men Light Design
Madmen and Specialists Lighting Design
Tesla Lighting Design
The Cripple of Inishmaan Lighting Design
The Irresistible Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Lighting Designer
Endgame Lighting Designer
Beautiful Things Lighting Designer
Unemployable Properties Designer
The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Properties Designer
Cafe Delphi Property Design
The Firebugs Scenic Designer
Unemployable Scenic Designer
Madmen and Specialists Set Crew
Beautiful Things Set crew
Happy Birthday, Wanda June Set Design
The Line that Divides Technical Director
Beautiful Things Text Team
You Burn Me Text Team
Strike-Slip Video Editor
In the Age of Paint and Bone Written and Directed by