Mitchell Frazier

Company Position: 
Master Electrician

Mitchell Frazier graduated from Harding High School in St. Paul and attended University of Minnesota studying Theater and Speech with a minor in African-American History. He has appeared as an actor at Theater in the Round in Bus Stop and Trip to Bountiful; Minneapolis Community College in I’m Not Rappaport and The Colored Museum; and at Youth Performance Company in Little Rock 1957, Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry, and The Day the King Died. He has collaborated with nimbus both as an actor and a designer and now as a director. Mitchell is also the resident lighting designer and Technical consultant at Youth Performance Company and St. Paul Academy, New Life Academy, South view Junior in Edina, Historic Mound Theater and Washburn HS. His greatest joys are introducing theater to young people, and enjoying life with his wife, Leah and their son, David. Mitchell is also a practitioner of Martial Arts. He has received a Second-Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a purple belt in Aikido, and a yellow belt in Gum do.


nimbus production history: 
Agamemnon Chorus
Strike-Slip Lighting Crew
Tesla Lighting Design
The Irresistible Rise of Big Daddy Ubu Caruther
Babel Set Crew
From Darkness Charlie Johnson
Strike-Slip Frank Richmond
Bohemian Flats Lighting Crew
TV Men Cast
Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen Fishermen
Nacirema: Stories of Color Director
Henry IV Light Design
Happy Birthday, Wanda June Lighting Design
The Mail Order Bride Lighting Design
Strike-Slip Set Crew
The Lower Depths Lighting Designer
Death and the Maiden Crew
The Golden Ass Lighting Designer
The Storms of November Lighting Designer