Nissa Nordland Morgan

Nissa Nordland Morgan is an actor and writer in the Twin Cities. She is excited to return to nimbus for her third production; previously she was seen in Tesla and The Ghost Sonata. Nissa was recently a mainstage cast member of the Brave New Workshop; she’s also had the pleasure of working with Theatre Unbound, Classical Actor's Ensemble, The Buoyant Group, HUGE Improv Theater, Artistry, The Red Letter Society, Shadowhorse Theatre, Ghoulish Delights, Theatre in the Round, Lyric Arts, and Public Dreams Theatre. In 2016, she was nominated for Best Actress at the Z Fest film Festival for her starring roles in Maren & the Machine. Nissa lives in Minneapolis with her woodsy husband Zach and her fluffy cat Delilah; she met Zach at nimbus when they worked together in Tesla.  It’s very fitting that The Kalevala will be their first show they’ve collaborated on as a married couple.



nimbus production history: 
Tesla Ensemble
The Kalevala Ansa
Ghost Sonata Girl Scout