Nimbus Theatre announces the Eye Opener workshop series

nimbus announces a new work shop series, and is seeking submissions starting immediately.

The Eye Opener Series is an extension of nimbus’ mission to see new work and new artists develop. So many artists have ideas they are working on without having the venue to show the work while it’s developing and get feedback from the audience. As the interaction with the audience is a huge part of live performance, nimbus wants to use its space to make that happen.

We believe in art as a form of inquiry. We believe in the need to constantly attempt to redefine the nature of the theatrical process; that being creative means taking chances and exploring the unknown. We believe that it is vital to constantly seek out and nurture new vices, perspectives and ideas. It was from this set of core beliefs that our workshop series was born.

This series provides an atmosphere in which directors, writers, actors, and designers may experiment outside of the confines of a mainstage production. This means that there is a developmental component, and the resulting performance can be in-process and exploratory. As the focus is on developing new work, there should not be a need for royalties to be paid.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit for more details.