The Storms of November Artist Profile: Derek Meyer

The Storms of November is a modern maritime legend, a tale of courage in the face of the worst Mother Nature can throw at us. Since September, our cast and crew have been immersing themselves in the history of the Great Lakes. We have explored the people and places of Lake Superior and the shipping trade, learning of storms and shipwrecks and the people who sail its waters. We thought it would be great to highlight our amazingly creative production team by asking them a few questions about the show, character, and the nimbus creative process.


Actor Derek Meyer

What is your personal connection to the North Shore (or the Great Lakes)?

The lakes have always been an escape.  I went to college just across the street from Lake Michigan and would walk down to the shore and just stare out whenever I got the chance.  Superior, however is in my memories picture of my trip, when I was a kid, out of the country to Canada, which was my only trip out of the country as a child.  Even now, When I think of the shore and the falls leading down to them it always feels like a big breath of imagination and relaxation.
How does working in a devised environment change your approach to your work?

In devised Theatre you remain flexible throughout the process.  There is a part of your brain you have to leave open and empty to the possibility of additions, subtractions and movements.  Beyond that, there is never a possibility for comparison.  Nobody has created what you are creating every before.  This is the first time for this character, for these lines, and for this movement and sound.