We're moving!

In December 2010, during a blizzard, we packed our things in a truck and brought them to 1517 Central Avenue. Back then there were flourescent lights and one outlet and a really big dream for what that room would become.

We started this journey because we wanted a permanent home for ourselves. We figured we'd let other companies rent it to help pay the bills.

We had no idea how important this space would become - that we weren't just building a space for nimbus, but a home for art and artists and audiences of all stripes. That it wouldn't just house theater, but our lives - weddings and funerals, hellos and goodbyes, the ups and downs and everything between.

It's been five years, and our lease is up for renewal. The landlords want to raise the rent. A lot. More than double. So it's time to move. It's time for something new.

While we hate to leave 1517, we believe this means it's time to grow - we're taking our lights and our sets and our seats (yes, the spiral staircase too) and moving them to new digs.

We don't know yet exactly where we're going...there are some really good options and we'll tell you as soon as a lease is signed. 

We do know that our new home will be bigger, better, and more polished. It won't just house nimbus. It will be a home for independent theater in the Twin Cities. It will be a place where art happens.

Big things are coming in 2016. We hope you'll be there with us.


- Liz Neerland & Josh Cragun, co-Artistic Directors; Company members Mitch Frazier, Andrea Gross, Caitlin Hammel, Brian Hesser, Monique Lindquist, Carl Lundstrom, Alyssa Thompson; Board of Directors Heidi Berg, Jill Hoeft, Mat Lindquist, G.W. Gant Luxton, Alex Meyer, Nick Tally