Kalevala Press Release

The Nail of the North
Nimbus announces the first show at their new northeast home, an adaptation of the epic poem The Kalevala

September 23, 2016

Every culture has its tales of gods and demons, warriors and villains, odysseys of creation and epics explaining everything from lightning to the change of the seasons. This October, nimbus turns its eye to Finnish folklore and mythology, where the frost sings songs and the rain writes poems; where stories are born in the bellies of giants and men and gods walk side by side. The Kalevala brings us to the fierce lands of the north to deliver a harrowing magical quest, an epic tale with a biker gang mentality.

The Kalevala, originally compiled in the 19th century, is the national epic of Finland and one of the most important works of Finnish literature. Based off ancient sung folk tales called runos, the vein of tales in the Kalevala is deep and rich. Author Liz Neerland, working closely with Stockholm based translator and long time nimbus collaborator Danielle Blackbird, distills a journey to recapture the Sampo, an artifact shrouded in mystery, but upon which the fate of the world literally turns.

nimbus has returned from walkabout after their residency on Central Avenue with a new song of creation to inaugurate their new performance space: The Crane Theater. Located at 2303 Kennedy St NE, their new venue ushers in a new phase for the company as they expand their home for Twin Cities Independent theater.

While plans for the venue eventually will include two performance spaces, this inaugural production will give audiences a glimpse at the raw warehouse before construction begins.

“When we first conceived this show, we didn’t know if we would have a home yet, or where it might be,” said director Josh Cragun. “The entire production design assumed we would have to perform in an empty warehouse. And while the Kennedy Building is now our permanent home, that’s what it is right now - an empty warehouse.”

“We love the magic and theatricality of the stories of the Kalevala,” continued playwright Neerland. “While the stories themselves have a deep history, they also resonate in our modern world. They are about desire and ambition and working for what you get out of life. We’ve given them an industrial edge, but definitely retained the magic and wonder. It’s a fantastic world to bring to life in our new home.”

The show features a mix of nimbus ensemble members and faces new to the nimbus stage. Featuring the talents of Abdullahi M. Ahmed, Jim Ahrens, Heidi Berg, Lana Bean, Kit Bix, Caitlin Hammel, Brian Hesser, Nicholas Nelson, and Nissa Nordland Morgan


The Kalevala opens October 8, 2016 and runs through October 20


Playing at The Crane Theater

2303 Kennedy St. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

(parking and theater entrance at the back of the building)

The Kalevala

Written by Liz Neerland

Directed by Josh Cragun

Featuring Abdullahi M. Ahmed, Jim Ahrens, Heidi Berg, Lana Bean, Kit Bix, Caitlin Hammel, Brian Hesser, Nicholas Nelson, and Nissa Nordland Morgan
Design by Ursula K. Bowden, Jacob M. Davis, Jon Kirchhofer, Andrea M Gross, Zach Morgan, and Barb Portinga
Original music by Luke Tromiczak of Blood and Sun


Tickets: www.nimbustheatre.com or 612-548-1380


nimbus has been creating original theater in the Twin Cities since 2001. Their unique process for the creation of playwright-led collaborative work combined with their passion for creating bold, eclectic theater has been dazzling audiences for over 15 years. A company founded and led by playwrights and run by the artists themselves, we are dedicated to creating theater that crosses boundaries, promotes imagination, and ignites new conversations.