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...from the darkness, the voice of the master forger: Look closely, for it is mine.
nimbus to premiere From Darkness

April 26, 2015

nimbus to premiere From Darkness


Written and directed by Josh Cragun, opening May 16 and performing through June 14.


In From Darkness, nimbus explores the turbulent world of the artists and thinkers who would herald abstract expressionism in late 20th century New York. In their midst, a talent surpassing them all is overlooked, marginalized, exiled. Seemingly forced to bend his ethics and his skill to the task of forging a masterwork from another era. Iconic artists Pollock and de Kooning, famous curator Betty Parsons, even jazz legend Charlie Mingus make appearances as the passions and passionate ideas about what is art (and who decides) are debated, and the master forger lifts the curtain on his shadowy world.


Cragun became interested in the subject of forgery after reading a book about the world of wine collectors. Intrigued by how artists borrow and share and learn from each other, the act of outright art fraud was compelling. What brings a person to such a profession? It would take both love and hatred, and probably desperation as well.


The work nimbus creates is playwright-led devised theater, which means that a new script is created by a playwright in collaboration with an ensemble cast and design team. What is different about this approach is that it allows the choices of the actors and designers to inform the script, creating a work in a very collaborative environment, rather than having all choices flow from a prewritten script.


The ensemble spent time learning about the context of modern art, the world of the post-war art scene in New York City, the history of the Metropolitan Museum of art, and the personalities that have inhabited it. Some characters are based on actual historical personages, some are fictional. But they have all been built on the research and discussion the ensemble generated as a group.


nimbus continues to expand and develop in its permanent home on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis. This past year, their production of August Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata was recognized by City Pages as a 2015 “Best of the Twin Cities” for long-time nimbus collaborator Zach Morgan’s set design.





For Immediate Release


From Darkness

Written and Directed by Josh Cragun

Featuring the talents of Heidi Berg, Ethan Bjelland, Mitchell Frazier, Cynthia Hornbeck, Tara Lucchino, Zach Morgan, Nicholas Nelson, and Art Peden.

Set design by Brian Hesser, lighting design by Brent Anderson, costume design by Andrea M. Gross, properties by Sarah Salisbury, sound design by Jacob M. Davis, video design by Caitlin Hammel, forged paintings by Ursula K. Bowden



Running May 16 – June 14

Performances at Nimbus Theatre

1517 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

Tickets: 612-548-1380



For more information email Josh Cragun or Liz Neerland at