Babel Press Release

The Words Will Show Us the Way
nimbus presents Babel, a new play written and directed by Josh Cragun, running March 3-25, 2012.

February 14, 2012

An infinite library, tended by a reclusive order of librarians. Since the biblical tower fell, they have labored to rediscover lost secrets. One man searches for the key to the greatest secret of all.  

Babel imagines the story of the brilliant architect of the biblical tower that would reach to heaven. Driven by colossal failure and personal tragedy, and with the resources of a king at his command, he establishes a vast library. So vast, in fact, that many in the secret society that administers it believe it has no end. But when an Initiate to the Order of Librarians discovers an irregularity in the architecture that points to hidden chambers, the search for tantalizing hidden knowledge is on.  

What secrets does the library hold? Who will find them, and who will be responsible for the awesome power they contain?  

While Cragun, nimbus co-founder and co-artistic director, was inspired by the concept of an ancient library of unlimited knowledge, as well as labyrinths and secret societies, he set out to craft a play with simple human desires at its center - curiosity, and the hubris to uncover hidden knowledge, whatever the consequences. Cragun and his ensemble will present a world both immediate and out of time, at once recognizable and mysterious. “The play will have a fluid feel, with the ensemble shifting seamlessly from individual roles to chorus.”  

Featuring Kara Davidson, Jeffery Goodson, Andrew Gullikson, Eric Ringham, Paul Schoenack, Anna Sutheim, and Ki Seung Rhee. Design by Zach Morgan, Lisa Conley, Peter W. Mitchell, and Ursula K. Bowden. 

Tickets are on sale now, and reservations can be made on our website or by calling 612-548-1380. 

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