Madmen and Specialists PR

nimbus presents a macabre fairy tale about the unchecked pursuit of power.

January 19, 2006

Saint Paul, MN (January 30, 2006) – What happens when a society trades its values for power? When the need to fight an enemy of inhuman brutality causes a man to become more despicable than those he has fought? In savage times such questions must be asked, as they are in Madmen and Specialists by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, presented by nimbus at the Minneapolis Theater Garage. Madmen and Specialists is an absurdist fairy tale about the subversion of moral inhibitions in the pursuit of power. While her brother and father are away at war, Si Bero faithfully continues her brother’s medical practice with the help of two wizened herbalist women. When her brother Bero returns she learns with horror that he has become a Specialist – a torture artist – and has tasted human flesh. As Si Bero desperately attempts to save her family, the household tumbles into a macabre circus of despotism, lunacy and moral decay. The result is a fable with nightmarish implications for our own times. Madmen and Specialists will be presented February 24 – March 12 at the Minneapolis Theater Garage, 711 West Franklin Avenue, in Minneapolis. Friday, February 24th – 8:00 pm Saturday, February 25th – 8:00 pm Sunday, February 26th – 3:00 pm Thursday, March 2nd – 8:00 pm Friday, March 3rd – 8:00 pm Saturday, March 4th – 8:00 pm Sunday, March 5th – 3:00 pm Monday, March 6th – 8:00 pm Thursday, March 9th – 8:00 pm Friday, March 10th – 8:00 pm Saturday, March 11th – 8:00 pm Sunday, March 12th – 3:00 pm Tickets are $10 on Thursdays, $12 all other days, and $16 for the opening night performance and gala. A special pay-what-you-can performance will be held on Monday, March 6th. Tickets are available by calling nimbus at (651) 229-3122 or online at Cast and crew interviews and preview arrangements can be made by contacting Josh Cragun at (612) 237-9810 or via e-mail at nimbus has been producing experimental, challenging and just plain odd theatre in the Twin Cities for over five years. In that time, we have entertained and baffled thousands of Twin Citians with an engaging mix of under-appreciated works by established playwrights, new plays by emerging playwrights and innovative company-created productions. We’re weird, we’re grassroots, we’re local and we’re making theatre like you’ve never seen before.