Nights of the Living Fringe PR

They’re baaaaack…
nimbus presents Nights of the Living Fringe

October 7, 2009

Back from the depths of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, five of this year\'s hottest shows have returned to the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. These audience favorite, encore-winning, critically lauded shows are back for a few nights only. Presented by nimbus and Rockstar Storytellers, together with a special nimbus production of The Zoo Story, Nights of the Living Fringe will only be here from October 15 - November 1. An Intimate Evening with Fotis part III starring Mike Fotis In the third installment of this somewhat popular show, Mike sits in a chair and tells stories. At first crowds say, \\He\'ll stand.\\" By the end they\'re like, \\"Wow, he never stood up.\\" Thursday, October 15 @ 9:00pm