Nacirema Press Release

Do you see in color?
nimbus presents "Nacirema: Stories of Color", an original ensemble-created production

March 18, 2014

Nacirema (American spelled backwards) takes a look at the complex world of race in 21st Century America. Loosely inspired by George C. Wolfe's The Colored Museum, and created in workshop by the cast and director, Nacirema: Stories of Color is a series of vignettes that asks us to look beyond stereotypes and easy answers to see the depth, beauty, and pain that is a result of America's diversity.


Mitchell Frazier, nimbus company member and Nacirema director and co-creator, has been wanting to produce this show since being involved with a production of The Colored Museum in the 1980’s. “That show had a huge effect on me, but I always felt like it had more to say – not just about the African-American experience, but across colors and races. I was very excited at the opportunity to create this show with the cast, to present people in a realistic and interesting way, to celebrate the differences that we all share.”


nimbus used their unique workshop process to develop the show. Frazier, along with nimbus co-Artistic Directors Josh Cragun and Liz Neerland, spent the first several weeks of rehearsal simply telling stories with the cast. Together, they crafted a narrative that touches on many aspects of race and diversity in America today. Some scenes were created through improv, some were crafted in the voice of the actors themselves, and some were written with an eye to satire or biting commentary on the state of race relations in 2014.


“I hope this show will make people take a look at how they interact with not just people of color, but everyone,” Mitchel says. “This show isn’t about finding flaws or placing blame, but in creating opportunities for greater dialogue. I don’t want anyone to walk away offended, I want them to walk away inspired.”


Nacirema is funny. It's painful, satirical, offensive, and real. It believes that to be color blind is to ignore the beauty of color. Nacirema is America and Americans and these are their stories.


Nacirema: Stories of Color is directed by nimbus company member Mitchell Frazier. Performances are April 5 – 27, 2014 at Nimbus Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. To reserve tickets or for more information please visit or call 612-548-1380.





Nacirema: Stories of Color

A nimbus workshop production

Directed by Mitchell Frazier 


Featuring Ernest Briggs, Alsa Bruno, Suzie Cheng, Nastacia Nicole Foster, Dana Lee Thompson, Jesse Villarreal, Simone Williams. 


Designed by Josh Cragun, David Lewis-Frazier, Jon Kirchhofer, Barb Portinga, Sarah Salisbury.




Performances at Nimbus Theater

1517 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Tickets: or 612-548-1380


nimbus has been producing interesting, experimental, and challenging theatre in the Twin Cities since 2001. Presenting an engaging mix of under-appreciated works by established playwrights, new plays by emerging playwrights, and innovative company-created productions, nimbus asks audiences, collaborators, and conspirators to question ideas, emotions, and easy answers. In February of 2011, they took up residence in their new permanent home at 1517 Central Ave NE. Since moving into the new space, they have presented, among others, the World Premiere of Lee Blessing’s Perilous Night and the regional premiere of The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. They also have created four original productions – The Golden Ass, Babel, Bohemian Flats and Tesla.


For more information email Josh Cragun or Liz Neerland at