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You Should Read Closely the Prenup
nimbus presents the regional premier of Charles Mee’s <cite>The Mail Order Bride</cite>

October 12, 2007: nimbus is proud to present the regional premiere of Charles Mee’s The Mail Order Bride, directed by co-Artistic director, Josh Cragun. True to Mee’s “collage theater” stylings, this farce is a 2 ½ ring circus of Tai Chi exercises, nunchuck demonstrations, urban dance numbers and even a singing castrato. Along the way, both sincere and satiric observations are made about marriage, race, love and Gnarls Barkley.

One cannot lightly dismiss the command of destiny
nimbus presents part two of a new adaptation of Aeschylus’ classic trilogy.

August 22, 2007: In nimbus’ <cite>Agamemnon</cite>, the king returned from war only to find his death at the hands of his scheming wife. Now, the son will return to seek his vengeance. In this fusion of the 2nd half of Aeschylus’ <cite>The Libation Bearers</cite> and the entirety of <cite>The Eumenides</cite>, the prodigal Orestes returns to avenge the killing of his father, Agamemnon, and then flees, only to be pursued by the Furies. With help from Apollo, he seeks out Athena and is thrown to the mercy of her court and a jury of his peers.

This House Must Tell Its Own Story
nimbus presents the first part of a new adaptation of Aeschylus’ classic trilogy.

May 23, 2007: Aeschylus once wrote that \in war, truth is the first casualty.\" In his post-Trojan War drama <cite>Agamemnon</cite>, the same could be said of love. Combined with the first half of <cite>The Libation Bearers</cite>, nimbus’ <cite>Agamemnon</cite> chronicles the triumphant return home of King Agamemnon after the fall of Troy and how, through deceit, subterfuge and manipulation, murder and revenge ensue."

Animation from the area's most talented animators. Satire from your favorite actors. Noise from 1776.
nimbus presents a new multimedia experience exploring the American Dream.

February 20, 2007: The American Dream: for more than two hundred years this sacred cliché has attracted the huddled masses, created unprecedented personal wealth and kept treatment centers open for business. <cite>American Noise: The Savage Re-Birth of the American Dream</cite> is an irreverent interactive spectacle that explores how each generation tries to live the dream, live up to the dream or, at the very least, keep the dream on life support while the lawyers battle it out.

Did you ever think you'd come back from your splendid life and find you had no life left?
nimbus presents the regional premier of Edward Albee's award winning play <cite>The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia?</cite>

October 21, 2006: On the eve of his 50th birthday, architect Martin Gray has reached a new pinnacle in his life. He’s won the Pritzker Prize. He’s landed a mega-bucks development contract. He’s found new love. So what’s wrong with this picture? Well, the problem with reaching the top is that there’s usually only one direction to go.

If This Be Magic, Let It Be an Art as Lawful as Eating
nimbus presents Shakespeare’s <cite>The Winter’s Tale</cite>, Remade.

August 23, 2006: William Shakespeare’s classic tragicomedy <cite>The Winter’s Tale</cite> is reborn as a gripping modern fable about the redeeming power of love and forgiveness in the nimbus original production <cite>You Burn Me</cite>. Created through an innovative workshop process, the play draws from the poetry of Sappho, the drama of Charles Mee, Hmong folk tales, Vaudeville, and many other sources to create a unique performance filled with music, laughter, sorrow and joy.

A Season of Premiers
nimbus announces its 2006-2007 season.

August 17, 2006: nimbus, a local theatre group dedicated to producing thought-provoking, artistically challenging contemporary theatre, today formally announced its exciting 2006-2007 season, which will feature four works previously unseen by Twin Cities audiences. The season will begin and end with new adaptations of classic work, and feature a regional premiere of a Tony-Award winning play and a world premier of a new work by a local author in between.

The Raptus Will Set You Free
nimbus closes its 2005-2006 season with Dario Fo’s <cite>Accidental Death of an Anarchist</cite>.

May 3, 2006: When an anarchist accused of bombing a bank “accidentally” falls out of a fourth floor window, the police are quick to cover their tracks. But the arrival of a maniac in disguise and a shrewd reporter soon have the authorities scrambling to retract their amendments and amend their retractions.

nimbus presents a macabre fairy tale about the unchecked pursuit of power.

January 19, 2006: What happens when a society trades its values for power? When the need to fight an enemy of inhuman brutality causes a man to become more despicable than those he has fought? In savage times such questions must be asked, as they are in Madmen and Specialists by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, presented by nimbus at the Minneapolis Theater Garage.

nimbus brings the Revolution and the Resurrection to the Minneapolis Theater Garage.

October 14, 2005: Seeing that workers are on the verge of revolution, two agitators enter a foreign country to sow the seeds of dissent. Caught in the center of the rebellion is a young woman torn between faithfulness to her cause and compassion for her people. This is Propaganda for the Converted, a challenging and provocative original play written by Philadelphia poet and playwright David Spolum and presented by nimbus.