by Aeschylus

adapted by Liz Neerland

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

June 8, 2007 - June 24, 2007

Aeschylus once wrote that "in war, truth is the first casualty." In his post-Trojan War drama Agamemnon, the same could be said of love. Combined with the first half of The Libation Bearers, nimbus' Agamemnon chronicles the triumphant return home of King Agamemnon after the fall of Troy and how, through deceit, subterfuge and manipulation, murder and revenge ensue.

This is the first part of a two-part original adaptation of the Oresteia triology, directed by nimbus co-Artistic Director Liz Neerland. These classic plays have been re-imagined as a daring new work that seeks to trace the reverberations of brutality throughout world history and to explore how humans and violence are inextricably and, seemingly, exponentially linked.

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Dramatis Personae

Director Liz Neerland
Assistant Director Danielle Blackbird
Stage Manager Andrea Krist
Set Design Josh Cragun
Light Design Kate Hanson
Costume Design Andrea M Gross
Sound Design Jacob Rosene
Properties Ursula K. Bowden
Watchman Jeffrey Mosser
Chorus Mitchell Frazier
Chorus Robert C. Hammel
Chorus Jerome R. Marzullo
Clytemnestra Katherine Kupiecki
Herald Jeffrey Mosser
Agamemnon Gabriele Angieri Jr.
Cassandra Nicole Joy Brunsvold
Aegisthus Nicholas Leeman
Orestes Brian Hesser
Female Chorus Heather Meyer
Electra Bethany Ford
Set Crew Andrea M Gross
Set Crew Kari Hammer
Set Crew Brian Hesser
Set Crew Ariel Leaf