Beautiful Things

by Josh Cragun

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

November 5, 2004 - November 21, 2004

Five Americans find themselves trapped in comfort and surrounded by luxury when violence breaks out at the seaside resort they are visiting. As the insurrection moves closer, they discover that good taste can have deadly consequences.

Inspired by the work of playwright and historian Charles Mee, Jr., Beautiful Things is a new workshopped play created by nimbus which examines the idea that 'if you wish to have high culture, you must have leisure, if you would have leisure, you must have excess wealth, you must exploit someone.' And what would life be like if there was nothing beautiful, nothing extraordinary?

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Dramatis Personae

Director Josh Cragun
Text Team Cockroach
Text Team Liz Neerland
Text Team Kate Hanson
Scenic Designer Josh Cragun
Lighting Designer Liz Neerland
Sound Design Dustin Hansen
Gallegas David Nuñez
Stanton Robert C. Hammel
Howard Robert Larsen
Lady Aitken Muriel Bonertz
Crew Evan Schnell
Meridee Amber Bjork
Peter Derek Dirlam
Electrician Crew Erik Hanson
Electrician Crew Kate Hanson
Set crew Liz Neerland