Cafe Delphi

by Cockroach

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

August 1, 2003 - August 8, 2003

What is it that humanity hungers for? Truth? Power? Knowledge? Or maybe just a nice turkey club on rye? No matter what it takes to fill the hole in your life (or ease the rumble in your belly), you can find it at Café Delphi.

In Café Delphi, the third collaboration between nimbus and Minneapolis playwright Cockroach, Greek tragedy and romantic comedy meet and mingle in the murky waters of a Magic 8 Ball. The Manager's been up all night, burning incense and foretelling the future. The Waiter brings the drinks with a psychic chaser and can tell you what you'll want before you want it. And the Dishwasher...well, he's the one who knows what's really going on. Join two couples who are about to learn more about themselves than they ever wanted to when fate brings them to Café Delphi on a very special day.

Café Delphi will be presented at the Minneapolis Theater Garage as part of the 2003 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Dramatis Personae

Author Cockroach
Director Josh Cragun
Assistant Director Emer Griffin
Sound Design Kate Hanson
Lighting Designer Erik Hanson
Costume Design Liz Neerland
Scenic Designer Kate Hanson
Property Design Liz Neerland
Dishwasher Augusto Perez
Waiter Cockroach
Manager Yasmin Naqvi
Nina Lori Neal
Bruce Terry Flynn
Claudia Katherine Kupiecki
William Joel Schwendinger
Publicity Gretchen Niemiec