by Samuel Becket

Xelias Aerial Studios
1101 Jackson St NE
Minneapolis, MN

April 23, 2004 - May 9, 2004

Somewhere between life and death, just short of the night but far past dawn, four spectral characters wait in vain for the end. Not quite comedy, not quite tragedy, nimbus opens its 2004 season with the Samuel Beckett's modern classic Endgame. Meet: Hamm, an ancient, blind tycoon (buffoon?) bellowing orders from his wheelchair. His manservant and slave, Clov, whose only defense against an eternity of meaningless errands is his sharp tongue and endless litany of complaint. In the trashbins huddle Nell and Nagg, lost in the past, blind to the present, without hope of a future. Together they harangue and holler, joke and jab, scramble and shuffle off in search of better days.

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Dramatis Personae

Director Josh Cragun
Assistant Director/Stage Manager Cockroach
Costume Designer Kate Hanson
Lighting Designer Liz Neerland
Scenic Designer Josh Cragun
Sound Design Erik Hanson
Clov Terry Flynn
Hamm Jeff Myhre
Nagg Jeremy S. Wendt
Nell Jamie White Jachimiec
Technical Director Evan Schnell