The Firebugs

4th Street Theater
111 E. Kellogg Blvd
Saint Paul, MN

February 18, 2005 - March 6, 2005

Senseless acts of violence threaten to spread fire and fear like a burning cancer. The populace, meanwhile, sit idly by, clinging to moral platitudes as their world crumbles around them. No, it's not the War on Terror, it's The Firebugs, Max Frisch's deeply disturbing yet wickedly funny play presented by nimbus.

The Firebugs is a dark comedy about self-deception and moral flaccidity in the face of impending disaster. When, the play asks, do victims become accomplices to their own demise? In a town wracked by a string of arson attacks, the bourgeois socialites Christian and Babette Betterman allow two shady vagabonds to move into their attic. As it becomes increasingly obvious their guests are really firebugs, the spineless protagonists exhibit a political cluelessness and comic human despair that is strikingly relevant to our times.

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Dramatis Personae

Director Josh Cragun
Assistant Director/Stage Manager Kate Hanson
Assisant Stage Manager Cockroach
Lighting Designer Erik Hanson
Scenic Designer Liz Neerland
Sound Design Dustin Hansen
Christian Betterman Robert C. Hammel
Babbette Pam Kaufman
Anne Deanne McDonald
Joe Smite Jeremy S. Wendt
Willy Ironbar Brian O'Neal
Chorus Leader Derek Dirlam
Light and Sound BO Liz Neerland
Set crew Kate Hanson
Set crew Dustin Hansen
Set crew John Neerland