The Golden Ass

by Liz Neerland

April 28, 2012 - May 20, 2012

Before Shakespeare’s Bottom, there was...The Golden Ass.

nimbus presents an original stage adaptation of Apuleius’ classic 2nd Century novel, The Golden Ass. A crack ensemble tells the story of the hapless Lucius, who longs to practice witchcraft. He tries to turn himself into a bird, but becomes a donkey instead. Unable to reverse the process, Lucius is propelled from one lurid, bawdy and fantastical misadventure to another.

The Golden Ass is the only Latin novel to survive in its entirety, and has exerted a powerful influence on works as diverse as those of Byron and Kafka, even the story of Pinnochio. Despite its history, The Golden Ass is a story that has rarely been told on stage. Now, this 2000-year old book is given a new life – adapted for the stage and directed by Liz Neerland.

nimbus invites you to experience transformation - the hard way. As Lucius learns, you hear a lot with long ass ears.


Featuring the talents of Heidi Berg, Jesse Corder, Erin Denman, Kari Hammer, Brian O’Neal, Joel Raney, and Lana Rosario

Design by Ursula K. Bowden, Jacob M. Davis, Mitchell Frazier, Andrea Gross, and Jenny Moeller

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Dramatis Personae

Director Liz Neerland
Stage Manager Carl Lundstrom
Set Designer Ursula K. Bowden
Sound Designer Jacob M. Davis
Lighting Designer Mitchell Frazier
Costume Designer Andrea M Gross
Property Designer Jenny Moeller
Lucius Joel Raney