The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu

by Josh Cragun

Rogue Buddha Art Gallery
2402 East Hennepin Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN

April 10, 2003 - April 27, 2003

Are you getting your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables? How about murder and mayhem? Slapstick and silliness? Kill all those birds with one tommy gun at the original nimbus workshop performance production of The Irresistable Rise of Big Daddy Ubu, April 10-27 in Minneapolis.

This unlikely slapstick comedy shows the vile, seedy underbelly of 1930's Chicago - in a funhouse mirror. The vicous, murderous gangs of Big Daddy and Ma Ubu will stop at nothing to overthrow the Artichoke Alliance and place the entire city under their own fat thumbs. As the play unfolds, the Ubus lie, cheat, murder and let Big Daddy's own conscience take the fall for their dastardly deeds. This new piece is a crazy blend of Bertolt Brecht and Alfred Jarry, retold and funked up.

Dramatis Personae

Director Josh Cragun
Stage Manager Courtney Hickman
Scenic Designer Josh Cragun
Sound Designer Kate Hanson
Lighting Designer Erik Hanson
Costume Design Lara Brown
Properties Designer Liz Neerland
Big Daddy Ubu Matt Bingen
Ma Ubu Shauna Reiser
Givola Todd O'Dowd
Clark Sasha Walloch
Caruther Jodi Kalla
Hook Adam Vandre
Bowl Adam Vandre
Maid Sasha Walloch
Goodwill Kari Kamrin
Dogsburough Sam Ahern
O'Casey Doug Jones
Ubu's Conscience Kari Kamrin
Judge Doug Jones
Betty Dullfleet Sasha Walloch
Ignatious Dullfleet Sam Ahern
Board Operator Liz Neerland
Set Crew
Box Office