TV Men

by Josh Cragun

Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

May 9, 2008 - May 25, 2008

Genghis Khan. Catherine the Great. Salome. Langston Hughes. Icarus. Tupac Amaru II. Vita Sackville-West. William Booth. They're all ready for their close-ups. Or are they?

TV Men is a new multimedia production inspired by the poetry of Anne Carson and directed by nimbus co-artistic director Josh Cragun. By placing nine larger-than-life historic and literary figures (the original celebrities) under the scrutiny of the modern media lens, the play interrogates the role of celebrity in our society. Paparazzi welcome. Britney, not so much.

Media Coverage of TV Men:

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Dramatis Personae

Stage Manager Andrea Krist
Director Josh Cragun
Light Design Liz Neerland
Sound Design Erik Hanson
Property Design Ursula K. Bowden
Costume Design Stacey Poirier
Video Director Robert C. Hammel
Cast Caitlin Hammel
Cast Ernest Briggs
Cast Ariel Leaf
Cast Jeremy S. Wendt
Cast Kari Hammer
Cast Mitchell Frazier