About Nimbus Theatre

nim-bus, n.

1. a : A bright cloud, or cloudlike splendor, imagined as investing deities when they appeared on earth. b : a cloud or atmosphere about a person or thing
2 : A bright or golden disk surrounding the head of a drawn or sculptured divinity, saint, or sovereign
3 a : a rain cloud

Nimbus Theatre is Northeast Minneapolis’ home for independent theater. Since 2001, the company has been producing bold, eclectic, artist-driven theater. A company run by the artists themselves, we focus on playwright led collaborative creation of new work. We are dedicated to creating theatre that crosses boundaries, promotes imagination, and ignites new conversations.

Our Credo:

nimbus believes in art as a medium, conduit, and an end unto itself. It is immediate, malleable, all-encompassing, yet strangely yours. nimbus believes in theatre as a collaboration of individuals in the the hopes of becoming greater than the sum of its parts; a dialogue of artists and audience asking unanswerable questions.

“Thank goodness for Nimbus Theatre.”
-John Townsend, Lavender Magazine


“In essence, it is Guthrie quality theatre at a Bryant Lake Bowl price.”
-Rob Callahan, Vita.Mn


Artist Driven

Nimbus is a place where artists go to make the art that matters most to them. We are artist led and artist run. Unlike a traditional theater, where programming decisions are made by administrators at the top and then artists are hired to fill roles, the plays we present are all the result of ideas proposed by artists and created in a spirit of collaboration with groups of other artists- be they playwrights, actors, designers, musicians.


nimbus is dedicated to bringing the potential of a multi-disciplinary art form to its true potential. We’ve drawn our inspiration from sources as diverse as contemporary Japanese design, Hmong folk tales, and diaries from 1920s Minneapolis. We use non-traditional design methods and multimedia material to create richer performances. We see the stage as a place where anything can happen, where the imagination can be set free. We make bold choices, take on big issues, and create work that moves beyond the ordinary, inspires curiosity, and opens new doors inside the mind.


Devised, workshopped, new work: call it what you like. But at nimbus, the work we create is the result of a collaborative process involving a team of artists working together to create a cohesive work that derives from their shared visions. We’ve been refining our approach to creating theater since our first play in 2001, but one thing has never changed: a commitment to a comprehensive approach that values all of the artists as creators of the final product.

Community Focused

Theater is about community, and we’ve been a proud part of Northeast Minneapolis since we were formed. We believe that art is a vital part of a community: that what the arts do is to serve as tools for manipulating ideas: turn them on their sides, juxtapose them, and explore them in new ways. And when those ideas are brought into live performance, an exchange is created between performers and audience. A conversation. We are a place where people come together, to explore ideas, to have conversations, to be together. To share life together. Come and join us.