Ghost Sonata Press Release

nimbus to present Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata

October 20, 2014

nimbus presents their 40th show - a powerful new production of Swedish master dramatist August Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, a seminal work of modernist drama. 

A student with second sight longs for beauty, wealth, and the nobility of the upper class. His journey of discovery will show him crimes, lies, regrets, hyacinths. And a talking mummy. Strindberg unflinchingly squires us through a strange maze of desire and disillusionment, drawing us inexorably deeper into a world of bright shadows and dark truths.

Rarely produced in English, this production premieres a new translation by Danielle Blackbird. Originally set in 1907, the year it was written, director and long-time nimbus collaborator Zach Morgan and his ensemble have updated the look to the present day, while capturing the heightened, visceral performance style of productions Morgan absorbed attending performances in Europe.

Morgan brings a deep personal connection to the play, considered a key work in the advent of modernism and modernist drama. He has, by his account, been studying the play and the playwright for more than a decade. His own Swedish heritage also played a pivotal role. He spent time in Sweden living and working on a family farm, absorbing the national culture. “In a city that boasts an American Swedish Institute, it is a wonder that there are not more productions of Strindberg’s works. Ghost Sonata is a about magic, turning on themes of loss and regret, but also about how we express our humanity when confronted with awful truths.”

August Strindberg (1849 - 1912) was a prolific playwright (in addition to being a painter, poet and novelist), with a career spanning four decades. From the outset, his works challenged established forms of dramatic action and language. He experimented with a wide range of dramatic forms, Ghost Sonata being an example of a chamber play, a work in three acts designed to be performed by a small cast in an intimate setting, with a minimum of sets or costumes.


Ghost Sonata

by August Strindberg, in an original translation by Danielle Blackbird

Directed by Zach Morgan


Featuring the talents of Karen Bix, Andrew Chambers, Megan Dowd, Cate Jackson, Shannon Troy Jones, Mark L. Mattison, Nissa Nordland, Charles Numrich, Andrew Sass, Jean Shore, David Tufford. Set design by Zach Morgan, lighting design by Brent Anderson, costume design by Clara Cavins Wolford, properties by Ursula K. Bowden, video design by Josh Cragun. Original music composed by Charlie McCarron. 


Performances at Nimbus Theatre

1517 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


**PLEASE NOTE: Central Avenue is closed just south of the theater. Please visit our website for detour information**


Tickets: or 612-548-1379

For more information email Josh Cragun or Liz Neerland at 


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