It’s always heartening when a progressive playwright has the integrity to see the complexity of a given situation and not resort to simplistic generalizations. This is an overriding virtue in how Josh Cragun has written and directed his latest, From Darkness.
— John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

From the darkenss, a face appears.

Lit from within, rendered in oil, charged with mystery and vitality, captivating. Destined to be hung in the most prestigious gallery, admired by millions, discussed, revered, a priceless treasure.

And from the darkness, the voice of the master forger: Look closely, for it is mine.

nimbus explores the turbulent world of the artists and thinkers who would herald abstract expressionism in late 20th century New York. While in their midst, a talent surpassing them all is overlooked, marginalized, exiled. Seemingly forced to bend his skill to the task of recreating a masterwork from another era.

Art historian Max Friedlander said “It is indeed an error to collect a forgery, but it is a sin to stamp a genuine piece with the seal of falsehood.” What do we value, and who? When does art become artifice? Who decides? And what genuine, if unforeseen, changes will cascade from the swirls of the master forger’s brush?

Premiered May 16 - June 14, 2015 at Nimbus Theater


The Ensemble


Stage Manager
Production Manager
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Property Design
Sound Design
Video Design
Master Forger

Stanley Mansfield
Samuel Mansfield
George Drexel
Lucas Meyer
Charlie Johnson
Katarina Dempsey
Isabelle Kinsey
Teresa Mitner

Sebastian Granger
Lee Krasner
Willem de Kooning
Jackson Pollack
Betty Parsons
Helen Frankenthaler

Josh Cragun
Josh Cragun
Alyssa Thompson
Monique Lindquist
Brian Hesser
Andrea M Gross
Brent Anderson
Sarah Salisbury
Jacob M. Davis
Caitlin Hammel
Ursula K. Bowden

Nicholas Nelson
Zach Morgan
Art Peden
Ethan Bjelland
Mitchell Frazier
Heidi Berg
Tara Lucchino
Cynthia Hornbeck
Ethan Bjelland
Tara Lucchino
Ethan Bjelland
Zach Morgan
Heidi Berg
Cynthia Hornbeck