in the age of paint and bone

— John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

in 1879, an eight-year-old girl discovered something.

It would forever change the way we viewed ourselves. It would send shockwaves into the worlds of science, religion, and art. Today we are no closer to unraveling a story that didn’t just begin 150 years ago, but at the dawn of consciousness when humans first put paint to stone and created Art itself.

We have long known that ancient people painted caves, engraved rocks, carved in antler and bone. What is not known is why they did it – what moved the first person to create, and why humans have been drawing on the walls ever since. This original nimbus workshop production seeks to explore the great painted caves, to revel in their otherworldly beauty, and to forge a connection to our very first ancestors.

We do not know why the caves were first painted. But we do know that they lie at the intersection of art, spirituality, and humanity – a connection that still holds on to us today.

Premiered February 7 - March 1, 2015 at Nimbus Theater


The Ensemble


Stage Manager
Production Manager
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Property Design
Sound Design
Video Design


Liz Neerland
Liz Neerland
Alyssa Thompson
Monique Lindquist
Brian Hesser
Mary C. Woll
Jon Kirchhofer
Ursula K. Bowden
Forest Godfrey
Caitlin Hammel

Timothy Daly
Erin Denman
Jeffery Goodson
Shira Levenson
Derek Meyer
Brian O’Neal
Alyssa Perau