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The Pathetic Life and Remarkable Afterlife of

Elmer McCurdy

The Worst Robber in the West

From his birth in the little town of Washington, Maine in 1880 to his embalmed body making appearances in sideshows, traveling attractions, and eventually the cinema, Elmer McCurdy’s mortal coil did a lot a shufflin’. He pulled on his boots, saddled up his horse, and proceeded to take a long, tragic stumble on the wrong side of the law. From the minute he plopped a ten dollar Stetson on a five cent head, it was destined to end with a case of lead poisoning. But for Elmer, dying with his boots on was just the beginning.


The river becomes sea

Every family has its secrets. Cornelius Aloysius Gaines and his daughters are no exception.

Inspired by Euripides’ The Bacchae and set in Reconstruction era New Orleans, playwright Josh Cragun has populated the Crescent City with a complex collection of ambitious, passionate people. When an exiled scion of Cornelius’ prosperous and respectable dynasty returns, the secret she carries could tear the family apart. Pride, racism, resentment and ambition flow together like a river to the sea.

And the water is rising.



The year is 1913. Progress runs on coal, but the immigrant miners from southern Colorado are being squeezed beyond endurance. They work the seam while corporate forces arrayed against them spy, manipulate and disrupt, crushing any hint of “union.” Yet the workers and their families lean on one another, wait, hope…and plan.

How far will the company go? When will the pawns realize that together they are strong? But the chess board squares are all coal black in Las Animas County, near the River of the Lost Souls in Purgatory. And the flames are getting closer.

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Offenders. Shawn and Sandra have a little gate cash, an overworked case officer, and the weight of their turbulent pasts. The system says their debt is paid, but the eyes of a daughter, of former friends, of passersby, say the ledger is still in the red.

nimbus' Mitchell Frazier and Josh Cragun examine the stories of two Twin Cities lives facing the uphill battle of reentry. Of hopes buffeted by written and unwritten rules, haunting memories and rooted resentments, mistakes that continue to ripple outward even after years locked away from society. When the system, the stigmas, and even the good intentions of others conspire to hold them back, what will these "offenders" do to restore their self worth, renew relationships, and find forgiveness in a landscape of fear, mistrust and doubt?


the storms of november

A determined captain is tasked with shepherding 60,000 long tons of iron ore and a handful of souls across the greatest of the Great Lakes. On shore, families face an uncertain future, layoffs and a changing economy. Shipping on the big lakes is suffering, and tycoons make deals and schemes for ships a thousand feet long as if they were toys in their bathtub, the lives of the crews so much working tonnage.