THE storms of november

The characters feel natural and lived in; as if they could easily slip off one of the ships and into a local cafe or tavern, ready to shoot the shit with anyone willing to talk.
— Ed Huyck, City Pages


The difference between safe at harbor in Duluth, and floundering, lost and doomed to the coldest, deepest grave the world’s largest lake has prepared for you.

A determined captain is tasked with shepherding 60,000 long tons of iron ore and a handful of souls across the greatest of the Great Lakes. On shore, families face an uncertain future, layoffs and a changing economy. Shipping on the big lakes is suffering, and tycoons make deals and schemes for ships a thousand feet long as if they were toys in their bathtub, the lives of the crews so much working tonnage.

Meanwhile, the November clouds gather. Captain Marianne Carter keeps her own counsel, charts her course, marshals her crew, and whispers to the lake. An unlikely survivor, the secret she harbors is inextricably linked to the inland sea, the Great Water, Superior. Sail with nimbus and the MV Marie Kearns, but keep the wheelhouse coffee strong. Superior in November comes with heavy seas, dangerous currents, and ideas of its own.   

Premiered October 31 - November 22, 2015 at Nimbus Theater


The Ensemble


Production Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

Production Manager
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Property Design
Sound Design

‘Dirty’ Dan Perkins
First Mate
Madeliene Charlier
Young Marianne Carter
Coast Guard

Marianne Carter
Bobby Peterson
Judy Peterson
Dylan Reed
David Caughlin
Linda Douglas

Josh Cragun
Liz Neerland
Alyssa Thompson
Matt Alto
Monique Lindquist
Ursula K. Bowden
Andrea M Gross
Mitchell Frazier
Eli Schlatter
Jacob M. Davis

Brian Hesser
Alyssa Perau
Brian O’Neal
Zach Morgan
Derek Meyer
Erin Denman
Genevieve Neerland, Charlotte Tate
Brian Hesser, Daniel Vopava, Heidi Berg
Heidi Berg
Zach Morgan
Erin Denman
Sata Schwabe
Alyssa Perau
Daniel Vopava
Brian O’Neal
Derek Meyer
Sara Schwabe