“Some stories are so remarkable we tell them again and again. Those are the things worth remembering.”

nimbus unveils its latest original work at the Crane Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. 

(Minneapolis, MN) October 25, 2019 In A LIFE OF DAYS, park rangers Callie and David discover Vira, a woman whose family fled to the forest before she was even born. Raised in nearly complete isolation, she encounters these strangers with a mixture of fear and curiosity. As they nurture a fragile trust, Vira’s extraordinary story slowly unfolds. 

Playwright Neerland has been nurturing the idea for A LIFE OF DAYS since encountering the true story of the Lykov family in Russia, who fled religious persecution in the 1930s, and lived in total isolation until they were "discovered" in 1978. To this day Agafia, the last remaining family member, resides out in the taiga. She receives occasional visitors and support, but she still lives a completely isolated life in the Siberian wilderness, and refuses all offers to move.

Says Neerland, “I’ve always been fascinated by tales of people surviving in the wilderness, and people who remove themselves from society. There are so many reasons why people chose to live ‘off grid’ or in isolation. Everything from the classic religious hermit down to modern doomsday preppers. Most of us understand the pull of nature and solitude, but examining the extreme cases opens a lot of avenues of exploration.”

The work nimbus creates is playwright-led devised theater, which means that a new script is created by a playwright in collaboration with an ensemble cast and design team, allowing the choices of the actors and designers to inform the script and the story. This is nimbus’ 49th production since 2001.

Playing at 
The Crane Theater
2303 Kennedy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

(parking and theater entrance at the back of the building)

A Life of Days

By Liz Neerland

Directed by Josh Cragun

Featuring Delta Rae Giordano, Brid Henry, Cate Jackson, Nicholas Nelson, and Gregory Yang

Set Design by Brian Hesser, Costume Design by Rubble&Ash, Lighting Design by Emmet Kowler, Property Design by Ursula K. Bowden

Stage Managed by Alyssa Thompson

Saturday, November 9 - 7:30pm $15 Opening Night

Sunday, November 10 - 3:00pm $12

Thursday, November 14 - 7:30pm $12

Friday, November 15 - 7:30pm $15

Saturday, November 16 - 7:30pm $15

Sunday, November 17 - 3:00pm $12

Monday, November 18 - 7:30pm Pay What You Can 

Thursday, November 21 - 7:30pm $12

Friday, November 22 - 7:30pm $15

Saturday, November 23 - 7:30pm $15

Sunday, November 24 - 3:00pm $12 Closing

Tickets: www.nimbustheatre.com

nimbus has been creating original theater in the Twin Cities since 2001. Their unique process for the creation of playwright-led collaborative work combined with their passion for creating bold, eclectic theater has been dazzling audiences for over 15 years. A company founded and led by playwrights and run by the artists themselves, we are dedicated to creating theater that crosses boundaries, promotes imagination, and ignites new conversations.

Contact: Liz Neerland
Phone: 612-618-9855
email: liz@nimbustheatre.com

Publicity Photos


Alone Again

Photographer: Emmet Kowler
Pictured: Delta Rae Giordano

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over this ridge

Photographer: Emmet Kowler
Pictured: Delta Rae Giordano

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