eye opener

Now that we’ve done our research, it is time to create together. The Script Work phase of our process involves the playwright and the director working together with the ensemble to build the beginnings of the script. Script work involves devising, improvising, brainstorming, and working rough scenes into more polished material. Generally, we start with brainstorming, move into improvising and devising scenarios, and end with working scenes written by the playwright, based on that early work.

We’ve borrowed from a variety of places including experimental and devised theater methodologies such as Viewpoints, LeCoq, Commedia, and the work of Peter Brook and Jerzy Grotowski; techniques taken from improvisational theater; and brainstorming exercises taken from the world of Design Thinking. Ultimately, it is all about honing in on a shared vision for the narrative, driven by the playwright.

We treat actors as subject matter experts in the creation of character, and as the playwright is working on taking a giant pile of ideas and forming it into a story, the actors are working with the director and playwright to craft compelling characters based on the narrative and the research we’ve done.

The goal of the script work phase isn’t to have a finished script: rather, we want to have a firm direction on concept and narrative as well as established characters and relationships. We don’t want anything too polished just yet- we want feedback first. Which brings us to the next step in the process, the Eye Opener.