Sam Landman

This is Sam’s very first nimbus production. And he’s very happy that it’s finally happening. He’s worked with a number of theater companies across town, including HUGE Improve Theater, Park Square, Yellow Tree Theatre, Girl Friday Productions, Artistry, Sandbox Theatre, Troupe America, Jungle Theater, Loudmouth Collective, Theatre Pro Rata, Wonderlust Productions, Torch Theater, Ghoulish Delights and Gremlin Theatre, just to name a lot. He’s written several MN Fringe shows, short films and proof-of-concept series, as well as 52 one-act plays within the span of a year just to see if he could (he did, BTW, and you can read them all at Through his company, LandmanLand, he’s created and produced storytelling shows in conjunction with Wayward Theatre, Strike Theater, MN Fringe’s Drafts & Draughts and the ensemble-driven “Dream County” for Twin Cities Horror Festival VII in 2018. He’s currently working on a novel, which retcons 80’s pop band Spandau Ballet as homicidal supervillains (which they probably were anyway). Sam also hosts 2 different podcasts: Aging Poorly (an anti-nostalgia show about geeky, childhood pop culture) and The Bazzness through MN Playlist (focusing on the Twin Cities acting community).

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Elmer McCurdy