Ursula K. Bowden

Ursula K Bowden is a freelance set and properties designer and scenic charge in the Upper Midwest. A BFA Technical Theater and Theatrical Design degree holder from Drake University, Bowden has been a full time theater artist for over a decade. In addition to ~30 shows with nimbus, her work has been seen in various incarnations on the stages of Park Square Theater, New Native Theatre, Chameleon Theatre Circle, Theatre Pro Rata, Swandive Theatre, Fortune's Fool Theatre, Freshwater Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Frank Theatre, Theatre Latte Da, the Guthrie Theater, and others. She also works as a theater educator around the Twin Cities. Ursula’s eye for detail was featured in American Theatre Magazine in 2014 for her scenic design for Swandive Theatre’s An Outopia for Pigeons. At home she enjoys spending time with her husband and young sons.nimbus credits

Set Designer